Content in Isolation

Hi Chilkat Valley Neighbors!

Main Street may look a little empty at times, but we’re all still here!

Let the community know what brings you comfort, joy, or ease during this period of social distancing.

Share a picture and a thought with your neighbors. Whatever you post is anonymous to site visitors and you don’t need a social media account to participate.

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Cheryl L McRoberts
Cheryl L McRoberts
Even the Sea Lions staying 6 feet apart!
Easter bunny banana bread!
Standards are slipping
David Voth
Making memes to share Haines
Charles Mitman
Alexandra feit
Do a puzzle
Alexandra feit
Training the dog....or being trained
Stuck at home? Fill out your census questionnaire.
Susan Johnston
The desert is a beautiful place to hike! 85 degrees today!
Susan Johnston
Hiking daily in the desert here in Tucson, but also on the golf course, which is currently closed for golfing. So ...
Intense competition!
Erik stevens
Built this Cattopia in our self-isolation...are we going crazy?
James Alborough
Thank you to our heroic postal workers!
James Alborough
Taking advantage of empty roads to catch up with neighbors (while keeping a good distance)
Barbara Pardee
Hopefully, springing into a new kitchen!
Molly V Sturdevant
Making extra of favorite immune-boosting fermented foods (not the doggie): sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt (bowl), 3-gal ...
Carol Duis
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
another cup of tea by the fire
Lemon Poppy-seed Scones!
Edie granget
Found my raised garden bed!
Richard Flegel
have hope---spring IS coming
Visiting with a dear friend at Haines Assisted Living.
Lisa Morden Kyle
Leslie Roussan
Dancing to rock concert streams
distance. the pure BLUE of it.
Quick break with hot tea in a warm sunbeam. Outdoors!
Susan Johnston
Walking on the golf course here in Tucson. Stuck here until May when we have ferry reservations out of Bellingham.
The Fun Guy
Painting the guest bedroom while listening to my vintage vinyl records.
MacGyvered a way to keep cilantro from getting slimy in the fridge
Carol Flegel
time to bake some bread
Lori Carter
Muffins made with wild blueberries
Solitaire darts!
A special treat last night: pizza from Alpenglow paired with a mason jar of Haines Brewing Company stout! Locally ...
Spring exercise
Keeping a bright clear outlook!
grape chair 🙂
Great chance to plan a garden!
Jane Doe
The best thing about being home is being able to catch up on some old reading.
John Doe
Love walking on the beach!
James Alborough
Make a pet smile 🙂

Some ideas to get (and stay) connected.

  • Watch a movie with someone in another household using the Chrome Netflix Party extension.
  • Live-stream your music, yoga, cooking, craft using Zoom, Discord, Facetime, Facebook

Let us know your ideas to add to this list.

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